What Do We Believe In...

With the modern day food industry turning out more pesticide sprayed produce than ever, which has been flown half way around the world before it arrives on our plates, we know how important it is to trace back where our food has come from, who it has come from and the history behind it. Long lost are the days of going into your local butchers or to the fruit and veg stall where you could trust the produce you were buying, for many years we have been let down by our supermarkets who are more interested in profit over responsibilities.

Purayou was founded by food lovers for people who care about what goes in their trollies, and to put the trust back into customers knowing there food has come from a company that cares about their food as much as they do. We are committed as ever to giving people unprocessed food, which has been ethically produced by sources you can trust. When shopping with Purayou you can rest assured all of our lines have been carefully chosen to meet our very high standards.

We will never sell food that contains artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or anything that is not natural. Our food is either organic, natural or from a verified soil association establishment, so you know nothing nasty has been sprayed or you food nor has it been grown in an infected field.

Locally Sourced

Keeping it local, we try our very best to source as much of our products and produce as possible as close to our front door as we can. Not only local food but also sustainable food – yes just because it is local does not mean it is always sustainable. We stay away from mainstream food production, distribution networks and industrial farms where mono cropping is the norm, instead going for local farms and small privately owned producers.

We work very closely with all of our suppliers, manufacturers and independents so when you buy from us you’re buying food you can trust from people you can trust, whilst helping to support a more sustainable method of agriculture for the future. Striping business back to the basics and having good old-fashioned values where you know what you are eating.

Fairtrade? Of course! There are over 4,500 fairtrade products available on the UK market, ranging from coffee and tea to flowers and fold, we try to sell as many fair trade products as we can not only because the products are delicious but also because we are helping farmers and producers get a fair cut of the profits therefore meaning they are able to give back to their communities, grow their business and employ people.

Overall we aim to provide easily accessible, affordable health foods to all of our customers from sources we trust.