Doing our part

The amount of waste produced a year in the UK is around 177 million tonnes and this amount is growing every year. This is not only dangerous for the environment but also extremely costly.

With this in mind the Government have proposed a move towards a “zero waste economy” recommending the reduction of waste by reusing and recycling as much as possible.

Here at Purayou we believe in doing all we can to help the environment, we live in which does not just affect the products we sell but also the packaging we use. Therefore we try our best to ensure that as a company we are as eco-friendly as we can be.

All of our packaging is responsibly sourced; with your orders being delivered to you in either Mail Lite bags or recycled cardboard boxes. Our bags are produced by Mail Lite with eco friendly FSC paper and are 100% paper and 100% recyclable and reusable. Our recycled cardboard boxes will also be sealed with gum tape and may include packaging chips; these are made from expanded corn and can even be added to your compost heap!

How We Help

Our packaging is sealed with gum tape; an environmentally friendly alternative to standard packaging tape. Gum tape is biodegradable and 100% recyclable so can be recycled with the box or bag.

We have taken steps to make our offices and warehouses more green; from using eco bulbs and ensuring our computers and electricals are turned off at night to encouraging employees to take part in either our car share scheme, our walk/cycle scheme or to use public transport. We use only environmentally friendly office products such as reusable pens and recycled paper (although we try to operate as paperless as we can).

Through carrying out all of these modifications we are pleased to not only have a lighter ecological footprint but also to work in a greener, healthier workplace – a much nicer environment to work in that we are proud of.