How We Give Back

Here at Purayou we believe it is important to give something back not only to the environment but also to those in the local community who are less fortunate than us. That's why with every £40 you spend we will donate 50p to our local soup Kitchens.

Soup kitchens provide food to people in need and never has there been a time in post-war history when soup kitchens are in greater demand, which is why we think that providing any support we can is vital.

With statistics showing that there are around 5,493 people estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night - a staggering 102% rise from 2010. The south West have seen the biggest differences with a 42% increase in the amount of people sleeping rough since last year.

Where Our Donations Go

The funds will be collected over the month and will be distributed to our local soup kitchens in Bristol and Bath via a cash donation or the equivalent in food. We have chosen these two soup kitchens as they are the most local to us, however we are very flexible with donations and would like each and every 50 pence to go where you would like! If you would like us to donate to a specific soup kitchen or homeless charity, please let us know after you have placed your order and we will organise this for you.

You will be able to keep ip to date with all the good work coming from our donations on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Our aim is to help as many soup kitchens and charities as we can 50 pence at a time.