Who Are Purayou

The idea behind Purayou was simple – to make it easier to purchase healthy, nutritious, organic food that is also known to be from a responsible source.

With more and more information being shared from research into how our bodies work and the affect of our diet on out health it became apparent that although many of us would like to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle, there is often a difficulty in sourcing products; whether that be the need to travel to more than one shop or to pay high prices in order to guarantee good quality.

With this in mind Purayou was born, with the aim to deliver easy access to a healthier lifestyle through making buying healthy, organic, raw food and more much easier.

Although this was a major part of the Purayou concept we also have the added bonus of years of experience in the food industry in which we have seen the rise of health food and have been lucky enough to meet with many of the sectors companies from big to small. With this extra knowledge and relationships with local businesses we are able to offer food from companies we know we can trust.

What We Believe

At Purayou we believe the foods we put in our bodies should not only nourish our bodies but also provide them with all the nutrients we need not only to function but also to thrive on. This is however not always the case, with many companies food as better for us without actually providing what they promise.

Therefore our overarching and primary aim is to provide easily accessible, affordable health foods to all of our customers that are from sources we trust.

Please join us on our social media pages and through our community to follow us on our health food journey; with recipes, pictures, tips, new items and ideas as well as the occasional photo of our little Purayou helper George! Use the #purayou and your photos could feature on our website!

We like to think we have something for everyone however if there is anything you do not see or you have any further questions please do hesitate to contact us via our contact page. Whether this is your first time shopping with us or you are a regular customer we would like to thank you and welcome you to the Purayou family.

A company that cares.