Eat Natural Peanut & Almond Bar

This is one nutty bar! Packed full with chunky peanuts, lightly-roasted almonds, walnuts, crunchy hazelnuts, mixed in with crisped rice to keep all of the nuts in check and then glazed with honey syrup.

Eat Natural Peanut & Almond Bar in Packaging

These bars are similar to the Kind caramel almond & sea salt bars (just slightly softer and not as salty) you can really taste the peanuts and almonds straight away. 

Eat Natural Peanut & Almond bar - nuts

Is the bar good for me ? Well it's low in Saturated fats at 1.9g per 45g, with a good protein content 9.1g (45g). The bar is also Gluten free, very low in salt and is vegetarian friendly.   

    Eat Natural Peanut & Almond infomation

    Which compared to a similar Kind Snack Bars comes out far more favourable regarding nutritional values.



    Whats packed into the bar? - 

    Peanuts 50% - glucose syrup - Almonds 12% - crisped rice - honey, Walnuts 4%, Hazelnuts 2%. 

    Currently due to a bad harvest there are no Brazil nuts - which we think is a shame but not a big miss. 

    Raw Eat Natural Peanut & Almond Bar

    Our final thoughts on the bar are really positive - a good tasting natural bar which has no artificial colourings, favours or preservatives but is still filling and easy to eat without being too chewy or crunchy. We also think the 5+ month shelf life is generous for a natural bar.

    Eat Natural Peanut & Almond


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